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Football Federation of Kazakhstan

The Board of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan has made significant changes to the Rules Версия для печати

The Board of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan has made significant changes in   Schedule of competitions   Football   RK   and   in   Cup countries.  

In   According to   "Regulations on   holding in   2011 Cup of Kazakhstan   Football: 'Cup finalists in 2010 are exempt from   participation in   the first stage. Cup finalists begin their 2010 performance in   Cup with   Step 1 / 8 finals ".

In   According to   Calendar approved by the 1 st stage Championships RK   on   Football clubs in the Premier League, the date of the first Cup matches RK   assigned to   April 13.
First League clubs have the right to hold no   3 (three), and   4 (four) replacement   Championship matches. Application of the First League club can now include up to   Thirty (30) players, and   not   to   Twenty five (25) players, as was previously.

For the first time, according to the requirements of FIFA, have begun two new bodies   - Chamber   dispute resolution and   Committee on   Ethics.

The main innovation of the Rules affected the following:

"By   After the first stage of the Championship clubs, on   Total scores are divided into   two groups of   6 teams in the   each. After the groups have been formed, points scored by each team on   the first stage, are divided in half (to   "Two"). In   If the team scored an odd number of points, rounded to the   a big party to   integer.

Example. Team after the first stage scored 33 points. Divide in half (to   "Two"): 33 / 2 = 16.5, rounded to   a big party, gets 17. Consequently, the start of the second phase, the team starts with   17-th points.

This innovation is introduced   to acute sports intrigue championship   second stage. This innovation will provide the clubs have lost the motivation, one more chance to achieve its goals. And finally, this innovation will provide fans an interest in   championship   throughout the tournament.  



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